The Greatest Wealth Is Health!

Here's the skinny on more restful sleep.

Irregular and insufficient sleep often adds to weight gain - even more so in combination with late-night snacking. Dream Away is a proprietary liquid blend of chromium picolinate, L-phenylalanine, melatonin, amino acids and several other supportive nutrients formulated to promote restful sleep.

  •  Promotes restful sleep; REM is most important.
  •  Supports lean tissue
  •  Helps to eliminate evening snacking
  •  An excellent source of Chromium � 83% of DV
  •  Supports energy and consistent well-being


  1. Can you tell me more about your product. Does it have herbs or chemicals in it?

  2. Hi Debbie,here are the ingredients in dream away. For more information you can visit

    Stevia - Stevia is a natural, zero-calorie sweetener that is more than 30 times sweeter than sugar.
    Chromium picolinate - An important mineral for a healthy metabolism.
    Whey Protein - Whey protein is a pure, natural, high-quality protein from cow's milk. It is a rich source of the essential amino acids needed on a daily basis by the body.
    L-phenylalanine - A natural amino acid found in proteins that helps the body build muscles.
    Collagen - An abudnant protein in the body that creates tissues, skin, and tendons.
    Melatonin - A hormone that hepls regulate sleep