The Greatest Wealth Is Health!

Are you ready to implement small changes to help you move in divine health? Dr Don Colbert's book Seven Pillars of Health is packed with so much information to get your health back on the right track the natural way. I love how Dr Colbert states that this is not a book that tells you what you can't and shouldn't do. But that it is designed to liberate and help you make choices that bring you freedom in every aspect of  your life!

The book is designed as a fifty-day journey, one entry per day. This is really hard for me to do because it is filled with so much wonderful information. What you don't know about these seven pillars of health may be derailing God's plan for your life (Dr Colbert). Are you ready to start your journey to better health?

Great Tasting Home Cooked Food Fast!

Tired of wondering what to cook for dinner as well as spending large amounts of time in the kitchen? Well Homemadwe Gourmet is for you.We created tools to do the planning for you. From prepared grocery lists to menus for a week... we have cookbooks and recipes pages that plan it all.

Statistics show that when families have a meal plan for gathering around the dinner table, they eat fresher, more healthful meals and while spending more time together... and spend LESS money on groceries!

The Homemade Gourmet® 4 meals in 4 minutes™ Collections and Homemade in a Hurry products are designed to help get your family back to the dinner table when you have time to prepare ahead AND when you don’t!

Herbs- Heal The Natural Way

Don't let the spice racks in your kitchen be just a decorative piece. There are many benefits to the herbs and spices you have in your home. They hold an abundance of natural healing ingredients that can also add great flavor to the foods you eat every day.Below is a list and you may well be surprised to learn of the many diverse ways for which they've proven so very useful.

  • Cayenne - If you aren't plagued by spicy food, try sprinkling a dash of cayenne on your food. It contains an ingredient called capsaicin that stimulates saliva, stimulates digestion and accelerates your metabolism at a safer level.
  • Basil- Traditionally given as a good luck present to home owners.Basil can be used to relieve gas and soothe stomach upsets.Basil can also be used as an essential oil to help control acne.
  • Thyme- A popular culinary herb known for its strong flavor and high Iron content
  • Garlic- Garlic cloves contain an odorless, sulphur-containing amino acid called alliin. Garlic has been touted as an excellent source of Vitamin C, and more recently as a natural antibiotic, a stimulus to the immune system, and a possible treatment for lowering high blood pressure

For more information on herbs:


According to Dr Lydia Hazam:childhood obesity is already the leading cause of sustained high blood pressure in children. I was reading an article were it was stated that 1 out of 2 children will develop heart disease, and that by 12,70% of all american children have developed beginning stages of hardening of the arteries.
The American Heart Association states that among American children ages 2-19, the following are overweight or obese, using the 95th percentile or higher of body mass index (BMI) values on the CDC 2000 growth chart:

For non-Hispanic whites, 31.9 percent of males and 29.5 percent of females.

For non-Hispanic blacks, 30.8 percent of males and 39.2 percent of females.

For Mexican Americans, 40.8 percent of males and 35.0 percent of females.

Dr.William Sears author of The Healthiest Kids In The Neghborhood states in his book that obese children suffer more headaches, learning disabilitiees and emotional problems than children of normal weight.

We as parents have to make to make sure our children stay healthy and live longer lives by providing a more healthier diet. Listed are some book references to assisst with your childrens health.