The Greatest Wealth Is Health!

Dr William Sears, known as America's pediatrician, has been educating, uplifting and motivating parents through his parenting books. I was reading an article by Dr Sears on  Is It NDD (Nutrition Deficit Disorder) and not ADD and would like to share an exerpt from that article.

According to Dr Sears: The brain, more than any other organ, is affected for better or worse by what we eat. If a child is a junk food addict, their brain is the first thing that will be affected. A growing body of research points to the impact of nutritional deficiencies – especially with essential fatty acids – on the brain’s ability to affect learning and behavior. Studies continue pouring out citing Omega-3 as the single most important nutrient in the cognitive development of children.

I have several of Dr Sears Books which include the NDD book as well as The Successful child and The Family Nutrition Book. These books are packed with nutritional information that will help you adapt to and live a  more healthier lifestyle for you and your family. In these books he combines advice not just for children but for the entire family.

Pick up one of these books for your family and get started on a better and healthier lifestyle.

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