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Grean Tea

Green Tea is a great weight loss aide.Green tea is a healthy, refreshing drink that provides a wide range of health benefits. The benefits of green tea have been known about for a long time and history shows green tea has been harvested in China for over 4000 years.If you are a beginner consider trying a Jasmine green tea or maybe an organic Sencha green tea.

Green tea is bursting with antioxidants, particularly ‘catechins’. Catechins have been shown to be effective in improving health, slowing down the ageing process and fighting viruses by destroying dangerous free radicals present in our bodies. Regularly drinking green tea can strengthen the bodies resistance against these free radicals and other damaged cells that may otherwise lead to heart disease or cancer.

High quality, fresh green tea consists of approximately 40% antioxidants, we need about 4 cups of green tea a day to provide our bodies with the optimum level of antioxidants it needs to recover and repair.
Below is a list of the main health benefits of green tea.

Green tea can:

■Help you lose weight

■Lower cholesterols

■Strengthen your immune system and repair damaged cells/fight free radicals

■Prevent heart and cardiovascular problems/disease

■Reduce high blood pressure

■Improve the condition of your skin

■Improve your digestive system and ensure your colon/bowel is kept healthy/regular

■Prevent tooth decay and gum disease

■Lower blood sugar and assist with the treatment of diabetes

■Fight against cancer
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